Simple Photo Tagger – A simple, fast and efficient tool for adding comments to digital pictures

You may have seen the CardSharkV program I’ve published here previously. So far it hasn’t met with much interest out there. Maybe this one will: Simple Photo Tagger.

SimplePhotoTagger1         SimplePhotoTagger2

I’ve been looking for a program that will help me work through commenting on thousands of my digital photos. I haven’t found anything that’s focused solely on this one task that I consider essential for adding value to my collection. So, like any developer not finding what he/she wants, I rolled my own.

I’m making the result available to you, in case you’re interested. It’s written in WPF 3.5 SP1, in case you’re curious about such details. I’m looking for testers and feedback, so for a while I’ll waive the nominal charge for a license key.

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