Exemplary customer service at JanSport

September 15, 2008 6:28 pm

This is an example of how customer service is done right.

We bought a JanSport backpack three years ago or so for use at school. A few days ago a buckle broke, so I contacted JanSport via their customer service web page. I explained the situation of the buckle breaking and not having a receipt and asked if that would be a problem if I’d like to have a repair done. I got a very friendly reply by email the day after, telling me the service center would send me a new buckle if I just gave them my shipping address. I replied back with my address, but also talking about how I wasn’t sure how to thread the buckle back on, could they include some instructions, please.

Well, today I got the buckle with a handwritten note, telling me how to put the buckle back. Not only that, but the buckle in the package had two pieces of webbing threaded through, held together with paperclips to show me how to thread properly. Brilliant!


Thank you JanSport for showing that customer service still exists in this day and age of outsourcing and automation!

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Elie wrote a comment on June 16, 2011

I just sent them a 15-year-old backpack and they repaired it for free! The fabric was ripped.

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