Reading List

These are some books that I’ve read and that shape my thinking.

Conversation Catalyst (Connolly, Rianoshek)

Growing up Digital (Tapscott)

Code Complete (McConnell)

Windows Presentation Foundation Unleashed (Nathan)

Writing Solid Code (Maguire)

Software Craftsmanship (McBreen)

The Tipping Point (Gladwell)

Blink (Gladwell)

Presentation Zen (Reynolds)

Clear and to the Point (Kosslyn)

Made to Stick (Heath)

The Non-Designer’s Design Book (Williams)

Don’t think of an Elephant (Lakoff)

The Profit Zone (Slywotzky, Morrison, Andelman)

The Dip (Godin)

Blue Ocean Strategy (Chan, Mauborgne)

Lean Software Development (Poppendieck)

Implementing Lean Software Development (Poppendieck)

Agile Project Management With Scrum (Schwaber)

Project Retrospectives: A Handbook for Team Reviews (Kerth)

Agile Retrospectives (Derby, Larsen)

Peopleware (DeMarco, Lister)

Agile Software Development: The Cooperative Game (Cockburn)

The New Peoplemaking (Satir)

Secrets of Inspiring Leaders Exposed (Beaumont)

User Stories Applied (Cohn)

Working Together (Isachsen, Berens)

Linchpin (Godin)

Different (Moon)

The Elements of Scrum (Sims / Johnson)

Drive (Pink)

The Lean Startup (Ries)

Steve Jobs (Isaacson)

A Whole New Mind (Pink)

Quality Software Management, Vol III (Weinberg)

To Sell Is Human (Pink)

The Principles of Product Development Flow (Reinertsen)

Coaching Agile Teams (Adkins)

The Human Side of Agile (Broza)

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