A Voluntary Simplicity manifesto

January 1, 2007 2:02 pm

Inspired by the manifestos at gapingvoid.com, here’s my Voluntary Simplicity manifesto:


The free market economy of boundless growth is unsustainable, since we live on a planet with finite resources.

Future generations have just as much a right to enjoy life as the current generation.

Future generations have just as much a right to enjoy a life of the same quality as the current generation.

Conspicuous consumption, as demonstrated by American consumers, will destroy our natural resources if adopted by countries such as India and China. A lot of people in India and China are already aspiring to the lifestyle of American consumers.

The only way to change things in the world is by changing personal behavior.

Once you’ve changed your personal behavior for the better, get others to follow.

The only chance you have for getting someone to do what you want, is to demonstrate that you do it yourself.

Voluntary Simplicity is about living more purposefully with a minimum of needless distractions.

People who practice Voluntary Simplicity realize that more material possessions do not equal increased happiness in life. Often, the opposite is true. More material possessions can actually diminish happiness in life.

Voluntary Simplicity does not dictate how or how much you simplify your life. Only you can decide when you’ve reached the point of “enough” in your life.

Voluntary Simplicity is not about depriving yourself, living in poverty or lowering your standard of living. It is about living more consciously, focusing more on “inner life” than “outward appearance”.

By practicing Voluntary Simplicity you can become a role model for a new lifestyle that will enable future generations to enjoy life.

By practicing Voluntary Simplicity and spreading the word you can help change America’s conspicuous consumption philosophy. You can help people in other countries see that there is another way to live besides consumerism.


To find out more about Voluntary Simplicity, check out the links in the sidebar on the right, and also take a look at these links:

3 Responses to “A Voluntary Simplicity manifesto”

Kathy wrote a comment on January 30, 2007

Groovy. Can I post it on our Yahoo group website?

GeekTieGuy wrote a comment on January 30, 2007

Sure. Go right ahead.

Ted wrote a comment on January 26, 2013

Check out the Simplicity Collective at http://simplicitycollective.com/

I also follow that manifesto.

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