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HP TouchSmart PC product design videos on YouTube

January 2, 2009 11:27 am

For anyone who is curious about what kind of audience the HP TouchSmart IQ500/800 series was designed for, you may find these two videos interesting. You get a bit of the story behind the market research, the user panel that was put together, and how the design evolved. I’m not sure how long these videos will stay up, so if you’re curious, better watch them soon.




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Akismet spam filtering is brilliant (testing scheduled posting)

May 31, 2008 4:45 pm

To date I’ve had about 8500 spam comments on this blog. Installing Akismet from the first day was a really good move in hindsight. I can only hope that one day I get as many real comments as spam comments. That’ll be the day!

Anyway, this is really just a post to test whether my hosting company has the right stuff in place to allow scheduled posting, so I can queue up posts and have them show up when I mean to (and not a minute sooner). Sorry to bore you with this one. Move along, nothing to see here, move along.