HP TouchSmart PC product design videos on YouTube

For anyone who is curious about what kind of audience the HP TouchSmart IQ500/800 series was designed for, you may find these two videos interesting. You get a bit of the story behind the market research, the user panel that was put together, and how the design evolved. I’m not sure how long these videos will stay up, so if you’re curious, better watch them soon.




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  1. I’m watching the first video. Thanks for sharing!

    The presenter made a few comments that I think would translate to a high school classroom for small group projects.

    Touch makes it fun
    It is visually engaging and something you want to share with others, with multiple people..
    It encourages young people to network together and share with their friends…

    In my district, high school classes are 90 minutes long, which gives the teens plenty of time to use something like the TouchSmart.

    I recently learned that Hope Technology School has been using a TouchSmart to support communication skills with students with more severe autism. They are using the TouchSmart Notes program. (You probably know about this.)

    Here is the link to the video: http://www.nbcbayarea.com/health/topics/High_Tech_Helps_Autistic_Kids_Communicate_Bay_Area.html

    Here’s the link to Hope Technology School – http://www.hopetechschool.org/content/home/index.htm

    In addition to a high school, I also serve a program for students who have significant disabilities, including autism. I’m going to bring my TouchSmart to the school on Tuesday and work with some students with the speech and language therapist.

    By the way, us is it possible to import video into the notes? TouchSmart Notes looks like it would support video social stories if it had that feature.

  2. You can see the file that notes get stored in: %ProgramData%\TouchSmartData\Data\xml\Notes.xml. If you look at that file with a text editor you may be able to figure out how to add video notes by hand-editing it, but there is no import mechanism otherwise.

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