nVidia nForce 430 (MCP51 / RTL8201CL) and SME Server 8.0: working!

Lately, my home network started showing more and more signs of aging. Accessing websites was erratic, whether via wired computers or wireless devices. WiFi clients (which for some reason have almost exploded in number over time) couldn’t reliably connect, causing shouts of “Daddy, the Internet is down!” with regular occurrence, coming from various bedrooms. Something

My third Windows Phone 7 app, FotoMovr, featured in Marketplace

Thanks to some awesome work from my partner in crime at Cricketsoft, Tom Allen, our co-developed app, FotoMovr is featured in the Windows Phone Marketplace today. Both on the phone, the Marketplace website, and in the Zune client. Here’s some evidence: That’s me holding up my phone, and in the background the emulator running the

Steve Jobs

From the Whole Earth Catalog October 1974, actually titled “Whole Earth Epilog”, Page 324. Founded by Stewart Brand. Mentioned by Steve Jobs in his commencement address at Stanford University in 2005.

A roundup of news about the new HP TouchSmart 310 and the HP TouchSmart 4.0 software

[Update 2010-09-22: A few more unique mentions have come in; see links and quotes below marked [Update] ] Only a little vanity post; a collection of links to stories and other potentially interesting tidbits. These were some of the first mentions of the HP TouchSmart 310 with HP TouchSmart 4.0 software, unveiled on September 20,