A brief history of five TouchSmart generations–pioneering ideas for Windows 8

A few weeks ago I attended Microsoft’s BUILD conference to get ready for what’s coming in Windows 8. As I was sitting in the first day’s keynotes and big picture sessions, I couldn’t help but think back on the work HP has done with its TouchSmart software and notice areas where the TouchSmart software pioneered

Thoughts about Linchpin

I’ve just finished my second reading of Seth Godin’s forthcoming book, Linchpin. Seth gave a group of people the opportunity to make a donation to the Acumen fund and in return we received a copy of the book before its public “ship date” on the 26th of this month. Linchpin is at its core a self-help book. It’s meant

Seth Godin: Is marketing evil?

This is more of a tweet than anything, but since Seth Godin only seems to allow trackbacks, I need to comment on my own blog in regards to his post Is marketing evil? It’s not about marketing. It’s about advertising. Advertisers use psychological tricks to market stuff. Watch the PBS program The Presuaders if you