A new all-in-one TouchSmart 4 upgrade tool

October 15, 2011 6:21 pm

[Update 2012-10-18: Since the shutdown of the touchsmartdevzone.com site on October 15, 2012, I’ve had a request from someone who wanted to download the upgrade tool. So it now has a new, temporary home here on this blog. I’ve published a bit.ly link for it, which is reported as potentially dangerous (http://bit.ly/TS4Upgrade), but the file it points to is the original, digitally signed app. An alternate link is http://www.geektieguy.com/ts4upgrade/TS4Upgrade.exe The sad part is that I won’t be able to keep track of download stats easily anymore. Oh well. I know the tool has been relatively successful with around 14000 downloads as of July 6, 2012.]

After much spare-time work, I’ve finally gotten approval to publish a tool that helps you install the TouchSmart 4 software on previous generation hardware. It’s currently available through the  TouchSmartDevZone.com site. You can find it here in the downloads section. HP had previously published a similar tool, but pulled it from their website after about a month or so.

This tool is unsupported by HP, so use it at your own risk. It did receive some testing, both by HP and a few customers, so I have reason to believe it will work properly for you. Also, in order to use it, you have to accept the license agreement that is displayed when you first run it.

Why write a blog post about it? I want to give a little detail on what it does in case things don’t go as smoothly as they’re supposed to.

The tool basically does these things in order:

  • Check that all prerequisites for TouchSmart 4 are fulfilled, including hardware checks
  • Installs the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 if needed (a few hosted apps need this)
  • Downloads all officially published softpaqs from the HP support website
  • Installs the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 if needed (the TouchSmart “shell” needs this)
  • Installs all downloaded HP TouchSmart 4.0 software components

Should Windows indicate that a reboot is needed “right off the bat”, clicking a corresponding button in the tool will make sure that the tool is automatically restarted after the reboot. The tool will also automatically restart after potentially installing .NET 3.5 SP1 and .NET 4.0. No reboot is necessary after the remainder of the software has finished installing. If User Account Control is enabled on your system, the tool will prompt for permission to run each time it is launched.

Here is a sequence of screenshots that show the tool in action (captions beneath pictures):

Installing .NET 4.0

Installing the TouchSmart 4.0 “shell”

Preparing to install other softpaqs

Removing older versions of Music/Photo/Video apps

Installing softpaqs

Install progress after third softpaq install

Hosted app registration happening during install

Once all software is installed, the tool gives you an opportunity to burn the downloaded file to a DVD, along with the upgrade tool itself. This will speed up install on other systems a little, since installing from DVD may be faster than downloading from the Internet. Most people probably don’t need this DVD, but it may come in handy, should you want to rerun the upgrade in the future (after a system restore, for example.)

All software finished installing

After clicking the button to prepare a DVD

Windows Explorer window opened with files ready to burn to DVD

Notification that files are ready to be burned to DVD using the Windows Explorer window

The only thing I’ve seen go somewhat awry from time to time is that the download of a softpaq may get to a 100%, seemingly, but not finish. I think this might be caused by the server(s) that hosts the downloads, but I’m not sure. Since the tool is written to perform its operations to full completion at each step before going to the next, it may get stuck and not allow you to close it in this situation. Should that happen, you can hold down the Ctrl key on the keyboard while clicking the red button with the little “x” in the upper right corner to close the tool. This will terminate the incomplete download and delete the partially downloaded file. When you run the tool again, the downloads will resume with the not completed download first, and hopefully complete the downloads this time around.

Depending on your Internet connection speed, downloading an installing everything can take several hours, so it’s best to do this when you have that kind of time available.

I hope this tool is useful for some of you.

41 Responses to “A new all-in-one TouchSmart 4 upgrade tool”

Vincent wrote a comment on October 15, 2011

Here’s hoping you can do the same for TouchSmart 5.0 soon too. Do you know if there are specific hardware limitations holding that up? Processor, memory or graphics card?

GeekTieGuy wrote a comment on October 15, 2011

Hardware limitations are most likely not a problem. We’ve had 5.0 running on all kinds of hardware in the lab during development. I’ve usually done a quick sanity check on a 600-1050 (or was it a 1055, not sure). I’ve also run it on an IQ500 and didn’t see any problems.

The bigger question is whether HP will publish a softpaq for 5.0 at all. And whether the rest of the software suite will get published as softpaqs as well. Let’s wait and see.

Tom wrote a comment on October 18, 2011

Do you (or anyone for that matter) know if it is possible to purchase back up disks from HP with the TS 5.0 on it and then “restore” the computer with the TS 5.0?

GeekTieGuy wrote a comment on October 18, 2011

It is possible to order recovery discs with TouchSmart 5.0 included, but restoring them will only work on the model of hardware they were ordered for.

Tom wrote a comment on October 20, 2011

HP just released TouchSmart 5.1 update. I was able to run the link to update to 5.1 and it updated my 4.0 to 5.1. The only problem are the apps are still 4.0 and while they seem to run ok, some are having problems (i.e. Calendar). Do you know if there is a link on the HP site to download the 5.0 apps? If not no big deal — at least the Magic Canvas has been updated — will just have to wait for the upgrade 🙂

GeekTieGuy wrote a comment on October 20, 2011

There are no updated apps published at the moment. Good to know that the 5.1 update worked for you. Thanks!

Eric wrote a comment on November 19, 2011

Was having troubles installing the my Touchsmart to 4.0. The upgrade kept “hanging” after the 1st download. Your tip about “CTRL + hitting the ‘X’ seems to have worked and the rest of the files are starting to download now. Looking forward to checking out the new Magic Canvas. Your screen shots were helpful too! Thanks again!!

Kevin wrote a comment on December 26, 2011

I am having a problem right after the compressed TS4Upgrade.exe file is downloaded. When I click on the file in Windows explorer, a new screen appears, but the program just hangs.

Any ideas on a solution to this problem?

GeekTieGuy wrote a comment on December 30, 2011

Some troubleshooting revealed that the WPF Font Cache on the system was the cause of the problem. The fix was the following:

– Stop Windows Presentation Foundation Font Cache service
– Delete FontCache3.0.0.0.dat in %windir%\ServiceProfiles\LocalService\AppData\Local
– Restart the machine

Jordan wrote a comment on February 7, 2012

As soon as I launch the TS4Upgrade executable, I get a list of the softpaqs required, along with the note that there is “No Internet Connection”… which there is. I’ve enabled the program to pass through the Windows Firewall, and have also tried running it as administrator. What might be stopping it from successfully connecting to the internet, and what can I do about it?


GeekTieGuy wrote a comment on February 15, 2012

I’m not sure. The program uses .NET APIs to see if an Internet connection is present. Perhaps your .NET configuration is bad, somehow. The only way to find out for sure what’s going on would be to debug on the system in question.

Darshtang wrote a comment on March 24, 2012

I don’t know if you will get this but i have a hp touchsmart iq818a and I know it is not supported for the newest software but other people on the forums are reporting success with non supported models. Anyway whenever i use your software it always hangs at the end of the softpaq download (as you said at the end of your post) and whenever i control click the x and restart it it hangs at the next softpaq. So i individually downloaded every softpaq and whenever i try to install them (enabler first) i get error 9993. Could you please help? Thanks

GeekTieGuy wrote a comment on March 24, 2012

Let me see what I can do via email.

Chad wrote a comment on July 3, 2012

I have a Touchsmart 300-1205z version 3.0 that I’d like to update to 4.x or 5.x. I downloaded the TS4Upgrade tool and ran it. It complains of needing more softpaqs and lists them. I’ve searched for but can not find the specific updates the tools is asking for.

I’ve run Windows updates plus other Microsoft updates until no more are detected. This machine was resotred from the system restore partiion because someone had messed the it up so bad nothing would work anymore.

Any ideas?

GeekTieGuy wrote a comment on July 3, 2012

Apparently one of the softpaqs was recently moved around on HP’s support servers. Someone else had the same problem and reported it over on the touchsmartdevzone.com (http://www.touchsmartdevzone.com/forum/thread/4079/TouchSmart-5.1-software-update/?page=2#28362)

This was my comment over there:

No worries, you can create a simple text file called All_SPs.txt, place it in the same folder where you’re running TS4Upgrade.exe from and put the following content in it:


That should work around the problem. Note: I have not tested this, so YMMV.

The commenter was nice enough to reply back and say that it worked for him.

Chad wrote a comment on July 6, 2012

That worked. But still stopping on the following…


How can I find the true path to these SPs?

Much appreciated.

GeekTieGuy wrote a comment on July 6, 2012

Apparently most of the softpaqs moved recently (not sure why). Here’s a complete list of new locations that you can put in All_SPs.txt:

ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softlib/software12/COL36421/pv-89750-2/sp49889.exe, en
ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softlib/software12/COL36422/pv-89751-2/sp49890.exe, es
ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softlib/software12/COL36423/pv-89752-2/sp49891.exe, ko
ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softlib/software12/COL36424/pv-89753-2/sp49892.exe, jp
ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softlib/software12/COL36425/pv-89754-2/sp49893.exe, it
ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softlib/software12/COL36426/pv-89755-4/sp49894.exe, de
ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softlib/software12/COL36427/pv-89756-2/sp49895.exe, fr
ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softlib/software12/COL36429/pv-89757-2/sp49896.exe, zh-cn
ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softlib/software12/COL36430/pv-89758-2/sp49897.exe, pt-br
ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softlib/software12/COL36432/pv-89760-2/sp49899.exe, ru

I’ve left a thread with this information over on TouchSmartDevZone.com as well.

Chad wrote a comment on July 6, 2012

OK. A bit further now. Downloaded all but the last few with en, es, etc. behind them.

I’m off for a week on a much needed vacation so I’ll look into it in a few weeks.

Thanks again for the help.

Richard wrote a comment on July 7, 2012

My downloads keep hanging after completion of sp49872.exe. Don’t know why. When I clicked on the next downoad sp49873.exe manually, there’s no problem. Any ideas?

GeekTieGuy wrote a comment on July 7, 2012

Not sure what exactly the problem is you’re describing. What do you mean by clicking on the next download sp49873.exe manually?

If the tool hangs at the end of a softpaq download, hold down the Ctrl key while clicking the “x” to close the app. Then run it again. That should restart the download of the previously hung one. It’s one of the issues I’ve never been able to diagnose fully, so I don’t know why it happens. I just have this Ctrl+close workaround.

GeekTieGuy wrote a comment on July 7, 2012

You don’t need the ones with ,es , etc. other than the one with ,en. All of those are tutorial videos. You only need the ,en one and only if you really want the tutorial videos.

Have a good vacation!

John Tatar wrote a comment on October 17, 2012

The touchsmartdevzone.com domain expired 10/15/12. Is there another link for the touchsmart 4 upgrade tool?

GeekTieGuy wrote a comment on October 18, 2012

I’ve uploaded a copy to my blog. This is a link to the exe: http://bit.ly/TS4Upgrade

Jan wrote a comment on December 14, 2012

I succesfully installed the TS 4 upgrade on my HP 600-1160. Thanks for providing the links and information! Maybe you can answer another question I have. I accidentally damaged the HP DVDSmart application that was pre-installed on this computer. (Don’t ask me how I did this, but I did…) Is it possible to download this software somewhere so I can re-install it?

GeekTieGuy wrote a comment on December 30, 2012

@Jan Sorry, I’m not sure that that application is still available for download at the HP Support website, but you could start by looking there.

Erico wrote a comment on January 11, 2013

Hi GeekTieGuy,
I am erico from the HP global forum.
The TS4Upgrade exe is still available to download although bitly stil warns about it being a possible threat. My ESET Smart Security 6 sees no problems with the file. Downlloaded size is 4.55 MB.

Keep up the great work!

Best regards,

Tatooineghost wrote a comment on March 5, 2013

This is amazing, thank you GeekTieGuy. I have had soooo much trouble updating my TS IQ510uk, some sort of problem with Win8 and the Nvidia drivers. Sorted, sort of, by using the MS basic video driver. Anyway now using win8 and downloaded TS4.0. Worked a treat, only needed to reload one SP. Looks really good now it is up and running.

If you do happen to know how to fix the video driver thing, I and many others would be ery interested.

GeekTieGuy wrote a comment on March 7, 2013

Andy, Sorry, I have no suggestions regarding the video driver. Thanks for leaving a comment!

Carlos wrote a comment on March 20, 2013

Great job Guy!!! Do you have some project to a TS 5.0 Upgrade tool? Thanks a lot

GeekTieGuy wrote a comment on March 21, 2013

Thanks Carlos. No, I don’t have any plans to create a TS 5.0 Upgrade tool at the moment. You’re the first one to ask for one, I think. It’s unlikely that I’ll do the work, given that Windows 8 has put a stop to further development of the HP TouchSmart software.

Tatooineghost wrote a comment on March 22, 2013

thank you GeekTieGuy, I have been playing with ts4 for a while and there seems to be a problem with facebook and the appstore. any clue as to why I can’t get them to work. Facebook says error and I should get a password from the website, even though it is the right one. Appstore has an error and always closes down.


GeekTieGuy wrote a comment on March 22, 2013

Hi Andy. Sorry about the trouble with Facebook logins. They may be due to changes Facebook has made to their authentication methods. You’ll have to go through HP’s official support organization to see if that can be worked out. Go to http://support.hp.com to get started.

Tatooineghost wrote a comment on March 23, 2013

Thanks, will have a look.

Joe wrote a comment on October 17, 2013

Is there any sites still up where I can download the touch smart software? all I can find is updates! I work in a computer repair shop and a customer has brought in a iq510-uk, HDD was shot and he has no CD’s so I have no recovery options.


Larry wrote a comment on February 9, 2014

Is this 4.0 compatible with model #iq505? Thanks

GeekTieGuy wrote a comment on February 18, 2014

I believe so, but I haven’t tried it out.

John wrote a comment on January 9, 2016

Thanks GeekTieGuy, worked on Windows 10 for most of the apps on HP-IQ815, had problems with HP burn, but NERO took care of that. Just doing some more fine tuning. Upgrade HDD to SSD and memory to from 4 to 8, so PC is pretty fast. Pretty solid machine for 2008

Trofeo wrote a comment on January 27, 2016

I have an hp touchspart 600-1005xt 64bit that had touchsmart version 3 and windows 7. I updated to windows 10 and it works great but I lost all my touchsmart. I followed your directions and downloaded the touchsmart version 4 and everything has downloaded like the calander, canvas, twitter, etc. and I see them all in programs but the appcenter.msi will not launch. Looking at the the HP installs, under program files (x86) Touchsmart is there, appscenter version 4 is there, but when I click on appscenterdl or hpappscenter, nothing happends, misi application.msi shows up on the bottom but nothing happends. Any idea on how to get the appcenter to start installing the touchsmart?

GeekTieGuy wrote a comment on February 3, 2016

Sorry, I don’t think I can help. It’s been too long since I worked on the TouchSmart software. I seem to remember that Microsoft put a “hard block” into Windows 8 and later to prevent HP TouchSmart from being able to run (at HP’s request, since HP didn’t want to support HP TouchSmart on anything beyond Windows 7.)

Tony wrote a comment on June 17, 2018

Hello GeekTieGuy To start with this is a thank-you you will see why in just a moment. To begin this is a bit of a ‘Cinderella’ story: I found this TouchSmart Model 600-1265QD sitting at the curb-side for pick-up; luckily it had not rained. So I Decided to bring it home, and see if it had any good parts. To my amazement the machine booted flawlessly into Windows 10. Problem was the password was still intact on the HDD. I could see the recovery partition, but no go for launching it. I rebuilt the ‘OS partition,’ but still could not get the ‘Recovery’ partition to open. I came across your link to the TouchSmart 4 installation package, and it installed exactly as you said it would; including “hanging” once. I followed your instructions: to abend the .exe; restarted and the install completed. I now have a beautiful working, TouchSmart machine. Thanks ever so much for your hard work. Two questions if I may…1. The O.S. shows the recovery partition, almost 30 GB in size, is there some way to access it? Under the ‘storage’ management ‘snap-in’ I see the drive is divided into four partitions. They are: 1.C: OS. 902.19 GB (Boot Page File, Crash Dump) Primary, 2. System 100 MB, 3. D: HP Recovery, Primary, 38.29 GB, (Note: when opened the drive folder shows empty.) 4. This partition is tot named, it is identified as a recovery partition, and it is 450 MB in size. 2. There is an ambient light feature, which according to the HP Owners Handbook, “It’s color can be selected using a setting, I do not seem to have…’currently it is set to blue;’ I would love to change it to ‘white.’ Do you have a suggestion as to how one might gain access to the setting. I also noticed the Facebook issue, and app store issue; others wrote about, is there a fix?

GeekTieGuy wrote a comment on December 26, 2019

Tony – sorry, I no longer work for the company that makes/made the HP TouchSmart PCs. I don’t have access to the kind of information anymore that would possibly help you. Sorry about the late response, I know this has been here for over a year by now.

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