Microsoft also had an OS code-named “Tiger”: OS/2 1.3

As evidenced by this scan of one of the setup disks:


(Someone was cleaning up a bunch of old floppy disks at work. I happened to come across them because I needed a floppy for updating the BIOS of a really old laptop.)

Just an interesting little factoid for your geek trivia…


  1. Daniel K


    I would like to know if you still have these floppy disks and if yes, if it would be possible to obtain a dump of them.

    Thank you in advance,


  2. Daniel K

    Thats a shame, but could you dump that one disk if you still have it?

  3. Well, sorry again. I put the disk back in the pile of random disks I found it in. Never occurred to me that someone might want a copy.

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