On the cover of PC World February 2008

February 17, 2008 12:06 pm

Okay, time for a little bragging :).

I was at the local Fry’s yesterday, buying a new hard drive to replace one that’s about to go bad, and on my way out I stopped by the magazine racks. Imagine my surprise when I saw this on the cover:


How cool to see the product you worked on so intensely be recognized with a magazine cover photo! If you look closely, you can even see one of my photos to the left of the big red circle in the little photo stack.

I’m still pinching myself a little just to make sure it’s not a dream.

The HP TouchSmart PC came in at number 7 on the top 25 innovative products. Not too shabby, I think. And I’m glad to see that the OLPC took third place ahead of it. I’m still waiting for the OLPC I’m supposed to get with my give-one-get-one donation, but I hear it will come any day now.

Here are some more pictures from the magazine:



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