Blog reading fatigue

June 10, 2007 2:09 pm

I’m nowhere near the crazy level of blog reading that Scoble goes through. I have 119 blogs in my google reader list. But I’m beginning to have blog reading fatigue.

You know how people who give you blogging advice say that you need to post at least once a day, maybe even twice or more? I don’t like that. When I see the number of “unread” posts since my last reading session, and it’s over ten, I’m very turned off and feel like it will be a chore to get through that many posts. So I skip it.

I’ve unsubscribed from a few blogs that went totally nuts and posted five or six items per day. With those blogs, if you stay away for a few days you have a mountain of stuff to go through. No thanks.

So what I do now most of the time is check blogs in this order:

  1. People I know personally
  2. People I’ve at least met
  3. People I’ve read for for a long time
  4. People who are “well known” (A-list bloggers?)
  5. People who blog about things I don’t know much about, but want to learn

Everything else just piles up until I feel that I really have a lot of time. I think I need to unsubscribe more.

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