Windows Vista Ultimate Signature Edition unboxed

January 30, 2007 12:46 pm

Update 2008-02-18:  It seems like this post is getting a lot of hits, which is kind of odd to me. I suspect it might be because there’s a mention of the phrase “key sticker” in here, so that makes people think I’m publishing my activation key. I’m not. The key is digitally erased with a bunch of black pixels. There’s no key here.


Call me a fanboy all you want. I went out to a local Best Buy this morning and got myself a copy of the Vista Ultimate Signature Edition. I figure Vista put bread on my table, so I need to give back a little. And no way am I going to do that without getting something a little out of the ordinary.

I got to Best Buy a little after ten and checked the shelves. No Signature Editions to be found. Luckily I went to the service desk to ask, and just as I was doing so, they brought out the four boxes they had at that store. Two got put aside by (for?) the employees, and I grabbed one of the remaining two. Talk about good timing. I think I also picked a good store to go to. It’s fairly new and people don’t seem to know it’s there, so there was very little “competition”.

Here are some unboxing pictures for your viewing pleasure:

Box front


Open back


System requirements on the side


Feature comparison list on the back


Other side

Outside cardboard box and inside plastic box


Inside plastic box front

Inside plastic box back with Bill Gates comments

Plastic box side

Opened plastic box with DVD / media holder

Leaflets inside media holder


CD order information


Back of media holder with key sticker

2 Responses to “Windows Vista Ultimate Signature Edition unboxed”

Tim Sneath wrote a comment on February 2, 2007

I’m not sure it was a great idea for you to scribble over the product key with a Sharpie – now you won’t be able to install it…

…Oh – I see what you did 🙂

GeekTieGuy wrote a comment on February 2, 2007

🙂 The Sharpie is called Digial Image Suite 2006, by the way.

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