So much for IE 7

October 18, 2006 9:14 pm

I installed the offical IE 7 release a few minutes ago, ran it, and it immediately started consuming 50% CPU time. The part of the UI where the Tabs get rendered (and the address bar / stop / refresh / search) was frozen and I couldn’t get the Favorites area to pop up.

Not good. Looks like I’m going to stick with IE 6 / Firefox for a long time.


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PeterG wrote a comment on October 22, 2006

Can you please tell me more about your experince? Are you running with any browser extensions, or add ins? Have you tried disabling any of your extensions? I really want to help, but I need to better understand what you are experiencing so I can make some recommendations.

Please feel free to contact me. [email address given, deleted for privacy]

Peter Gurevich
Internet Explorer 7 Performance PM

PeterG wrote a comment on October 23, 2006

Ok, it sounds like there is a problem with the extensions you have on your machine. Can you try adding them back in one at a time to isolate which one is causing the performance problem?


Peter Gurevich
Internet Explorer 7 Perfromance PM

GeekTieGuy wrote a comment on October 23, 2006

I disabled all add-ons and re-enabled them one by one. So far I’ve enabled all but the IE DOM Explorer and IE Developer toolbar add-ons and things seem to work well.

Thanks for the help. I’ll keep the IE related add-ons disabled for now. IE 7 is back on my box!

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