The WPF developer’s toolbelt

October 5, 2006 10:32 pm

This is a collection of tools that should be in every WPF developer’s toolbelt, if you ask me:

XAMLPad (from the Windows SDK [Full ISO|Express Web Download])
Snoop (from Pete Blois)
Perforator (from the Windows SDK) (Don’t forget to turn on the required debugging setting in the registry – mentioned in the article)
CLR Profiler
.Net Reflector (from Lutz Roeder)

If you’re a designer / developer you also want:

Microsoft Expression: Interactive Designer
MOBIFORM Aurora XAML Designer
Electric Rain Zam3D

And of course the staples:

.Net Framework 3.0 September 2006 CTP (I usually pick the complete installer to avoid download problems – it’s hidden a few paragraphs down under a link that says “for x86”)
Visual Studio 2005 / Visual Studio 2005 Express
“Cider” / “Orcas Preview for WPF”

Did I miss anything?

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