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Make WordPress MU work in a development environment without a domain

October 15, 2008 8:00 am

If you’re trying to get WordPress MU to work on a machine that isn’t on any domain, i.e. doesn’t have a dot in its name, this article by Will Norris leads you down a possible path.

To tie a bow on it, this is what I did to get things to work in a "WordPress MU subdirectory" configuration: In the wp-config.php file, add a line like this

define(‘COOKIE_DOMAIN’, ”);

In a subdomain configuration it probably won’t work.

Something different for your kids’ Christmas gifts this year: Boomerang, the audio magazine for children

October 12, 2008 8:16 pm

This is something that has come back in popularity in my family recently: Boomerang, the audio magazine for kids aged 6-12. It’s a really interesting concept, in that it tries to introduce kids to "big ideas" through all kinds of interesting angles. Here are some of the topics they cover in their productions:

  • Natural Wonder (fanciful musings about something in nature)
  • Widget and Whack (taking things apart, with a comic slant)
  • Money
  • Weird Words
  • Mystery
  • American Journey
  • Schmave’s Elevator (stories about the 50’s and 60’s)
  • Jokes
  • The Count (counting to ten in foreign languages)
  • Book Beat (a children’s book author reads from their book)

Each "magazine" is about an Audio CD’s worth long, i.e. about 70 minutes. You can download each issue, buy a bundle at 40% off or subscribe to have a physical CD mailed to you.

There is a weekly podcast available, and you can download and listen to a sample. Give it a try and see how your kids like it. I’m pretty sure they will.

Boomerang, it’s granola for your ears.