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Uninstalling a stubborn QuickTime/iTunes combination

December 24, 2010 3:42 pm

This is what I wanted to see:


Instead I got error messages, followed by a rollback of the uninstall I was in the middle of.

Why did I need to uninstall QuickTime and iTunes? Because after finally upgrading my last Windows XP machine to Windows 7, iTunes wouldn’t start properly.

I searched the web for a while to see if I could find good information about the problem, but all I found was useless, generic “use control panel to uninstall” stuff and google-spam-gamed links advertising some complete uninstaller tools.

So I decided to take matters in my own hands. I fired up an elevated command prompt and regedit and dug through the registry (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ Uninstall) to find the uninstall string for removing iTunes. I ran that, and – to my surprise – it worked! All I had to do now was uninstall QuickTime, so I found the uninstall string for that, and kicked it off. I got a warning about uninstalling my Pro Key and confirmed that I wanted to do that. Things seemed to progress nicely, but then the rollback happened. Ugh. So I fired off the uninstall once more, this time adding logging:

MsiExec.exe /I{E7004147-2CCA-431C-AA05-2AB166B9785D} /l*v log.txt

It failed again. Good, now I had a log of the failure. Digging though the log, I found this error:

DEBUG: Error 2769:  Custom Action RemoveQT7ProKey did not close 1 MSIHANDLEs.
The installer has encountered an unexpected error installing this package. This may indicate a problem with this package. The error code is 2769. The arguments are: RemoveQT7ProKey, 1,
Action ended 13:58:03: RemoveQT7ProKey. Return value 1.

“Okay, so if that action causes issues,” I thought, “let me see if I can remove it”. To do that, I looked back in the log for the cached MSI file that the uninstall uses:

MSI (c) (F0:B4) [13:57:50:043]: Package we’re running from ==> C:\Windows\Installer\100f740b.msi

I then changed the security descriptors on that MSI so I could modify it and used Orca to drop the row that invokes the custom action that attempts to remove the Pro Key:

MSI (s) (84:6C) [13:58:00:119]: Doing action: RemoveQT7ProKey

I saved the modified MSI, ran it again, and lo and behold – QuickTime uninstalled properly!

HP TouchSmart SDK 3.0 – Giveaways at PDC 09

November 17, 2009 9:00 am

To mark the release of the TouchSmart 3.0 SDK, HP has a goodie to give away at the Microsoft PDC 09: A super-slim 2 GB USB memory stick (embedded in a hard-plastic business card with a nice imprint). It contains the new SDK and a few documents about a software development partner program HP is starting.

If you see me at PDC, say hi, and I may be able to hand you one of these puppies. I only have a limited supply, though. 15 to be precise.

Check out the pictures:


Front of the card



Back of the card



Back of the card with USB memory stick flipped open/out



Front of the card with USB memory stick flipped open/out

Upgraded your HP TouchSmart IQ500/800 to Windows 7? A tip on installing the new apps.

October 31, 2009 11:19 am

(Update 2009-11-05: Looks like one more application is now made available for IQ500/800 customers: Twitter)

(Update 2010-02-05: The “shell” has been updated from to on HP’s support site. I’ve updated the link here as well)

I can’t get into every detail of the upgrade process (how to install Windows 7, drivers, etc.), but I thought I would list the HP TouchSmart software applications that are currently available for download and suggest a good order of installation to you. This is all just interim, personal information until something official is made available.

So what’s currently up there on the HP support site? Here’s the list (as of the time of this post) in the order that would be good to follow when installing (again, this may differ from whatever official guidance may come out later; it’s my personal take on it as of right now):

Note that the Live TV application only works with a certain set of TV tuner models. I snagged the links in this post (which may get outdated over time) from the updates page for the IQ527. Since your model may be different, the Live TV app may not work for you. That’s partly why it’s listed last.

So there it is, a refresh to work with Windows 7 for all the original applications that came with the IQ500/800, plus three new ones (Netflix, Hulu and Live TV.) A total of 390 MB of new software. All for just the cost of download bandwidth and your time to install everything.

Windows 7 Upgrade discs: Shiny, happy holograms!

October 26, 2009 7:55 pm

Just in case you’re wondering (yeah, I know, you probably AREN’T) what you’re missing by buying a new PC (such as the HP TouchSmart 600xt – hint, hint 😉 ) with Windows 7 preinstalled, here are some pictures of a Windows 7 upgrade DVD that recently showed up at my doorstep:

Copy of IMG_3067 Copy of IMG_3068 Copy of IMG_3069

Not only is more “happy” coming with Windows 7, as Kylie is fond of saying, if you buy an upgrade, it also brings you a lot of “shiny”.